Top 5 Beatles Songs

by Andrea M., Massimo F., – 4^ AER, Fagagna (UD)
Istituto Nobile Aviation Collegeù

As we wrote about the top 10 British songs in our last blog post, wee are going to write about the best Beatles songs in our opinion.
As we all know one song is not enough to describe the world’s most famous band so we decided to introduce some more songs. 

Photo by Francesco Perego on Unsplash

NUMBER 5: Yellow Submarine
The song was recorded in the Abbey road studios in 1966 and was published in the album Revolver, long-play. It is sang by Ringo Star the Beatles drummer. At the beginning the people thought that the inspiration for yellow submarine came from an LSD trip, but it turned out that Paul McCartney wrote it as a song for kids. 

NUMBER 4: Yesterday
It was published in 1965 in the album “Help!”. The inspiration for the melody came from a Paul McCartney’s dream. The lyrics are simple and is connected to a past lover. Recently the title of the song was chosen for the title of a movie about a man (Jack Malik) who is living in a world where everybody forgot who the Beatles are and he makes a fortune singing their song. 

NUMBER 3: Strawberry Fields Forever
It was published as a single in 1967 as a single. The song was written by Lennon. The song talks about  Lennon’s childhood in Liverpool, where he used to play with orphans from an orphanage near his house. 

NUMBER 2: Ticket to ride
It was published in “help!” in 1965 and was mostly written by Lennon, afterwards McCartney added a riff in it. The song talks about  girl that is leaving her’s lover and is leaving. “she’s got a ticket to ride but she don’t care”. 

Photo by IJ Portwine on Unsplash

NUMBER 1: Let it be
It was published in 1970 as a single. McCartney wrote the song with Lennon, the song was also the last “single” they wrote together. The inspiration for the song came to McCartnery while he was dreaming. In his dream he saw “mother Mary” and she told him that everything will be alright. 

Honorable mentions:  

  • Michele: 1965 (album rubber soul) 
  • Penny Lane: 1967 (album Medical mystery tour) 
  • Help: 1965 (album Help!) 
  • Hey Jude: 1968 (album Hey Jude) 
  • Love me do: 1963 (album Please please me) 
  • Eleanor Rigby: 1966 (album Revolver) 
  • Sgt. Pepper’s lonely hearts club band: 1967 (album sgt. Pepper’s lonely hearts club) 
  • Back in the USSR: 1968 (album The white album) 
  • Don’t let me down: 1973 (single) 

If you too like the Beatles as much as we do, leave a like and a comment, we will see you in the next music blog!


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