Top 5 Guitarists of Rock History

by Andrea M., Massimo F., – 4^ AER, Fagagna (UD)
Istituto Nobile Aviation College

Today we are going to talk about the top 5 most famous guitarists in the rock history. If you like it don’t forget to like and leave a comment about your 5 favorite guitarists. 

Before we go on with our top 5, as we wrote in the previous blog, we are going to do a classification of the top 5 songs of every country and today’s country is England, suggested by you in the comments.

Let’s begin!


Photo by Bobbie M on Unsplash
  • Number 5: oasis – Wonderwall
    It’s the most famous song of the Manchester band Oasis and is known all over the world. The song was revolution and reached the top in just a few days. It was published in 1995 in the album Morning Glory and is sang by Noel Gallagher. The title is a “nonsense” and is a tribute to George Harrison.
  • Number 4: Pink Floyd –  another brick in The wall
    Published in the album “The Wall” which is one of the greatest Pink Floyd albums contains great song as Comfortably numb, young lust, hey you and many others. The album was published in 1979 and all the songs are connected with each other. The song “another brick in the wall” is divided in 3 parts. The most famous is the 2nd part. The most famous thing about this part of this song is that there are children singing the famous words “we don’t need no education” along with a groovy bass line and a fantastic guitar performance by David Gilmour. 
  • Number 3: Dire Straits – Sultan of swing
    The song was firstly published as a single in 1978, but it was a flop, it was successfully published again in 1979 reaching the 8th position in the official singer chart and the 4th place in the Billboard hot 100 
  • Number 2: the Beatles – Hey Jude
    There are many great Beatles songs, so we should make a classification about them, if you want we can make a blog on it’s own about them, because one place is not enough! Hey Jude was written by Paul McCarney and published in 1968. The Rolling Stones magazine puts this piece in the 500 best song of all time. In the beginning the song was called Hey Jules, but it was renamed. 
  • Number 1: Led Zeppelin –  Stairway to heaven
    The magazine Rolling Stones puts “Stairway” for the most famous song in the world. Initially the song was written by Jimmy Page, who wrote the famous melody. Then Robert Plant added the fantastic words to accompany the chill and calm melody produced by the guitar and flute. It almost seems to be and a real stairway leading to heaven. 

So we finished our top 5 song for the best country, don’t forget to comment the next one. Now it’s time to do the top 5 guitarists in rock history. So let’s begin. 

Photo by zachrie friesen on Unsplash
  • Number 5: Kurt Cobain
    Former guitarist and singer of the famous band Nirvana Kurt was an Aberdeen boy born in 1967. He’s not famous for great guitar solos, but his song are really simple and remain impressed really easily. Although he wasn’t great at soloing he knew how to get to people’s souls by a simple “reef” of guitar. 
  • Number 4: Jimmy Page
    Born in 1944 Jimmy is mostly known as the Led Zeppelin guitarist and for playing the guitar with a cello’s bow during a concert. His greatest hit was Stairway to heaven, but his guitar solos are also unforgettable: 
  • Number 3: David Gilmour
    The famous Pink Floyd guitarist that wrote the solo lines of many world hits like: Time (Dark side of the moon), hey you (the wall) and many others. He was born in Cambridge in 1946. In 2019 he sold his guitar collection for 21 million dollars, among this guitars there was the so called “black strat” the guitar that Gilmour used to record Dark side. 
Photo by Grahame Jenkins on Unsplash
  • Number 2: Eric Clapton
    The 75 years old guitarist was firstly known because he played in the band Cream, maybe you heard their famous song “Sunshine of your love”. He started his solo career in 1970 producing songs like Lyla, tears in heaven or I shoot the sheriff. 
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash
  • Number 1: Jimi Hendrix
    Jimi is considered the god of guitar, he played the guitar in every way possible, he also played a solo with his teeth once. His most famous performance was at Woodstock in 1969 when he played the American anthem. At the end of the Woodstock performance, which was considered the greatest concert in the world featuring all of the most famous artist of that era like Carlos Santana, The who and many other Jimi burned his guitar (white Fender Stratocaster) leaving a mark in rock history. 

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