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If you like yellow, crime fiction is what you are looking for!

by Anastasia V., Aurora B., Azzurra P., Jana P., Leonardo P.D.C., Riccardo R.,
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Lots of emotions with all of those mysteries to discover: how could we miss the change to talk about one of the best genders of all?

Bad clowns, horrible criminals, terrorists to defeat and many more.
Let’s go and find our top 5 of the best thriller films!

The following our TOP FIVE: it means that we look forward to hearing from you, so please leave a comment with YOUR preferences.

Disclaimer: Don’t watch these films if you are fainthearted…but, read this article: you will be pleased as well!

Photo by Soyoung Han on Unsplash

Olympius has fallen

Korean terrorists are ready to invade America. They are very organized and commanded by one of the most sought in the world: Kang.
They don’t know that one of the most qualified agents, former member of the Predident’s escort, waits them at the White House.
Despite the relation with the President, he is willing to risk his life to free the nation.
The story begins with the first film in 2013 but continues with the sequels released respectively in 2016 and in 2019… will it have a continuous? We hope so!


Photo by Ali Barzegarahmadi on Unsplash

Todd Phillips film, Joker is based on a true story, and it is about this man named Arthur Fleck who lives with his sick mother in Gotham City. His life is a tragedy because the man has disastrous relationships with others, in fact he is very often beaten, bullied and mocked by people, so he has developed a nervous tic that makes him laugh disproportionately. 
To make a living, Arthur works as a clown on the street waiting for his dream as a comedian come true. But one day the man, because of his frustration and the despondency caused by society, reacts in a very aggressive way killing some men. From that day the police of Gotham City will hunt the killer, while the local population will elect him a hero of the revolt against the rich. 
From this point on, there will be a chain reaction of events useful to the discovery of information about this character. But what happens next?

You know what’s funny, what makes me really laugh? I always thought my life was a tragedy, but now I realize it’s comedy.

Arthur Fleck

Deep red

Even if it is quite old, “Deep red” (aka “The Hatchet Murders”) in Italian “Profondo Rosso”, can still give a lot of suspense and emotions to those who watch it, even for the second, third and fourth time! It is an Italian 1975 film, directed and co-written by Dario Argento.
It tells the story of an able serial killer, who killed her husband in front of their son, and of the detective who has to investigate on the case.
It is well known for its intricate plot and the small details that will reveal, at the end, the identity of the killer.

Old Boy

South Korean drama detective, the second part of the” revenge trilogy ” by the Director and screenwriter Pak Chan-Wook. Genre: drama,detective,Thriller

Plot: 1988. An ordinary man named Oh Dae-soo, a caring father and loving husband, is kidnapped on the way home. He wakes up in a strange room that is a makeshift prison. Dae-soo is tormented by the question “why”, but does not find an answer. A year later, in the news, he sees a report about the death of his wife. The worst thing is that they think he’s the killer. After fifteen years of imprisonment, the poor man is finally released…

Sherlock Holmes 

The Holmes, a smart detective and with this case is called to use all the clues possible to resolve the crime. Helped by his friend Dr. Watson. This film was released in 2009 although it is really beautiful.

Those were our favourites, now it’s your call!
Tell us your preferences: once we will have many of them, we will write an article with all your suggestions!


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