Top 5 Electric Guitars

by Andrea M., Massimo F., 4^AER- Fagagna (UD)
Istituto Nobile Aviation College

Since 1930 the official launch of electric guitars in the music industry, thousands of different models have been manufactured and to know all of them is not an easy task!
We think every guitarist has a list of favourites, or dreams to play with one of the most expensive guitars ever manufactured… or played by someone famous!?

Browsing on the internet we found many rankings and we couldn’t agree more with some of them.

So here is a “shared” list of Top 5 Electric Guitars.

In 1950, Leo Fender introduced the single-pickup Esquire, and a few months later released a dual-pickup version called the Broadcaster that, due to trademark issues, was later renamed the Telecaster. It was the first successful solid body guitar to be produced. Today’s price of a fender telecaster is about 1000£, and is primarily used in country/blues music. This type of guitar was used by famous musicians like: Keith Richards, Johnny Cash, David Gilmour. 

Introduced in 1954, the Stratocaster ushered in a new era of guitar design and has been instrumental in the development of modern music as we know it. It features single-coil pickups. But rather than just pickups at the neck and bridge, it has a middle pickup and five-way selector that allows for even further in-between tonal variations. This type of guitar was played by Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton. The strat can be used in all types of music, but it is mostly used in rock music. The price is around 1500£. 

Gibson released the guitar as the Les Paul signature model in 1952, and since its release, it has become one of the world’s most imitated and sought-after guitars, with late ’50s vintage models being among the most prized instruments in the world. It was created by the design of the musician Les Paul in collaboration with the Gibson company. This type of guitar was played by Slash from the guns’n roses, Jimmy Page and Randy Rhoads. It is also one the heaviest guitars in the world with a weight of approximately 4kg. this type of signature guitars are also one of the most expensive with a price that varies from 1000£ to 200.000£.

In 1958, Gibson introduced the ES-335 as part of its Electric Spanish line of guitars, and it was the world’s first commercially released semi-hollow guitar. One of the most famous musicians that used this guitars is Eddie Clearwater. The price is around 3000£.

The SG Standard is Gibson’s all-time best-selling guitar. It was conceived in 1961 and originally released as the new Les Paul. It featured distinct horn-shaped cutaways, and the neck joint was moved three frets, which made the guitar lighter and allowed easier upper fret access. The ionic color of this guitar is heritage cherry. This guitar was played by Jack Black in the movie School of rock, but is also played by Angus Young from the famous band AC/DC. Gibson also created a two neck version for Jimmy Page (the Led zeppelin guitarist). The price of this guitar is around 1500£. 

Music means a lot to s! And playing it even more!
If you share our same passion, write in comments your favourite guitar… or instrument!


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