Social Life in Quarantine

Spending the quarantine behind a different flag.

by Massimo F. 4^ AER – Fagagna (UD)

Istituto Nobile Aviation College

The COVID 19 or Coronavirus spread as plague almost everywhere in the world leaving many people out of business or distant from their families.  

As a student in Italy from Slovenia I had the “privilege” to see both sides of the coronavirus crisis.

Same story. Two sides.

As far as we know Italy is the second country with most confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the world.

A threat for the European Union (and not only?)! 

… in just few weeks (days..nights?) the countries neighboring Italy closed their borders: an the attempt to stop the spreading of the virus. 

The borders – Italy/Slovenia. Photo Credit Massimo F

ITALY vs SLOVENIA: what’s the difference? 

Social life here in Slovenia  didn’t change much until March 21st, when it was decided to close all the restaurants and the parks in the country.  

But unlike Italy, people in Slovenia still have the opportunity to hang out with their friends so they aren’t locked at home. 

Closed park Slovenia, 22 March. Photo Credit Massimo F.

In Italy the quarantine is so severe that if you want to go outside you have to carry a special permit.

My father is currently staying in Italy and he can leave the house only to go to work.

He works as a Carabinieri and his job has changed a lot after the quarantine. Before he had to do many different things like stopping cars or arresting people, but now the only thing he does is to check if people have their permit.

Because he lives in Italy I don’t have the chance to see him as much as I am used to. The only social interaction I have with him is via Skype or Whatsapp.  

Like many other people out there, I suppose? 


In both countries the schools were closed, but…

Italy: adopted a good way to have lessons online, so the students don’t miss school.

Slovenia: any type of distance learning is adopted, but the students may have to spend some of the summer vacations at school studying. 


The second day of the quarantine in Slovenia was taken from a movie. All the stores and restaurants were closed and there was nearly nobody on the streets.

I decided to take this rare opportunity to take some picture.

In this post I’m sharing mostly pictures of my daily life behind self isolation from the world, risking everything to let people see how is the world in and near the countries that have been stroke most hard by the new COVID-19. 


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