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Top 10 PS4 games you need to PLAY – NOW!

by Alessandro B., Luca G., Nikita T., Safwan J., Simon D., 1^ AER – Fagagna (UD)

Istituto Nobile Aviation College

Here we are! Back as we promised with our NEW TOP 10!

… and it’s time to talk about PlayStation 4!

Something we are not missing during the quarantine is TIME! Plenty of time we can use to experience and play different games for consoles and PCs (in case you missed read also our previous article Top 10 games for surviving the quarantine: PC).

After playing … and playing … and … playing we are ready to release the BEST PlayStation4 games YOU REALLY NEED TO PLAY!.

What are you waiting for?

Start reading our TOP 10 and discover more awesome new games for the PS4!


Uncharted is a video game developed by Naughty Dog and Sony computer Entertainment. This saga talks about the adventures of Nathan Drake, an American treasure hunter. There are five editions of this game, I recommend you start from the first one because otherwise you will struggle to follow the narrative strand.


Just Cause is an adventure game developed by square enix. It talk about Rico Rodrigues, a revolutionary army soldier that wants to conquer various places all over the world to givea better life to people. Just cause 3 is set in the archipelago of medici, in the Mediterranean sea and the fourth game of the saga is set in a south American isle called Solis.


Dreams is a game where you can create your own fps game or hide and sike or survival or many others. With a character, territory or enemies costume mechanic, creating unique games that you can play with your friends, or you can try hundreds of games produced by other people.


Crash Bandicoot is a platform game for PlayStation developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in North America in September 1996, in Europe in November and in Japan in December of the same year. The video game is the first chapter of the homonymous series and narrates the events that led to the creation of the protagonist, Crash Bandicoot, by his two main antagonists, Dr. Neo Cortex and the scientist Nitrus Brio, who intend to use him for conquer the world. Having managed to escape, Crash confronts his enemies to thwart their plans and rescues his fiancée, Tawna, who had been imprisoned by Cortex.


Need for speed heat is a racing game with a fantastic graphics and a very good story. It’s a classic need for speed game, but this time they put inside the best part of every previous NFS game, creating a masterpiece.

6. GTA 5

Who doesn’t know GTA 5 is not a real gamer. It talks about three criminals called Trevor, Michael and Franklin. It’s a very long story of friendship and crime that made this game the absolute masterpiece of videogames history, or at least until now.

Image link:

7. FIFA 20

Fifa 20 is one of the most famous title in the economy of football videogames. It has a good graphics and after the new update you can also play the Libertadores Cup, Champions league and other. Tournaments. The changes to the gameplay were made primarily in the form of a new feature called Volta Football. The mode, which means return to Portuguese, is a revival of the Street version of the FIFA chapters, providing a variation on the traditional 11v11 gameplay.


Horizon zero dawn is a post apocalyptic open world game developed by Guerrilla Games. It talks about the adventures of Aloy, a huntress that lives in a world conquered by robots and where the remained humans live in little villages.


God of War (lit. “God of war”) is a dynamic adventure game series developed by SIE Santa Monica Studio and exclusive to Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The story is set in Greek mythology (the chapter released in 2018 in the Norse one) and has as its protagonist Kratos, a Spartan warrior protagonist of tragic but exceptional undertakings. This game talks about a man called Kratos that want revenge on gods because they killed his family.


This open world game developed by Bethesda reimagines and revolutionizes the open world fantasy epic, bringing to life a complete virtual world open for you to explore any way you choose.

So, which nerd game will you be playing next? Let us know in the comments, share with your friends and don’t forget to activate notifications!

Don’t forget to come back next Sunday for 10 FREE GAMES TO SURVIVE THE QUARANTINE!

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